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Be the Health Professional You Want to Be

With the help of the Healthcare Commerce Cloud



  • designed for ALL healthcare professionals.

  • that allows patients to see ALL of their doctors, therapists, nutritionists and pharmacists electronically.

  • with 100% customizability: accept insurance OR accept cash on a visit-by-visit basis.

  • that is configurable to help you to be in compliance of state telemedicine laws regardless of which state you practice in.

  • that allows you to charge for face to face video, telephone consultations, secure messaging AND PhotoForwardTM Technology.

  • to help you convert to the concierge model in less than ONE MINUTE if you want to.

  • that lets you customize your clinic, set up your merchant account and go live in less than one hour.

  • that lets you offer online patient self-scheduling for e-visits, in-office visits, AND in-home visits if you want to offer them.

  • made for digital referrals and consultations.  Send and receive referrals and consultations in seconds.

  • to offer free secure record sharing between patients and EVERY health, mental health, health & wellness professional and pharmacist in AMERICA.

  • built with a custom dashboard and toolset for pharmacists.

  • With fully integrated enterprise-level secure messaging for every stakeholder in healthcare.

  • with revolutionary secure messaging AND instant secure video chat for consultation between patients, health professionals, staff members AND pharmacists.

  • to offer secure messaging with address book features that enable your patients to message each staff member for the appropriate and most-efficient delivery of care.

  • designed for the largest of institutions down to the independent solo practitioner.

  • that is designed to help support the endangered species in America; the independent healthcare professionals.

  • that connects all of us; every healthcare professional, every mental health professional, every health & wellness professional, every pharmacist and  ANYONE who has a stake in our healthcare system-and ESPECIALLY every patient in America.

Our platform is for all stakeholders in healthcare

Telemedicine for all medical, mental health, health & wellness professionals and pharmacists (That’s right, you’re all invited).

  • Face to Face Video

    Have video visits with your patients remotely.

  • PhotoForwardTM

    Patients can send you pictures for analysis.

  • Telephone Consultation

    Consult with your patients over the phone.

  • Quick Questions

    Patients can ask you a simple question.

  • Custom Visit Types

    Create your own visit types and set your own price.

  • Secure Messaging

    Secure messaging with patients, staff and colleagues.

Your patients can see you now:

Video, photo forwarding, secure messaging and more.


Earn More, Work Less,
and Help People.

Take control of your career.

Customize Your Online Clinic

Go live in less than an hour.

  • For all sectors and specialties of healthcare.

    Finally, we can all talk to each other AND our patients

  • You choose what visit types to offer.

    e-Visits, In-Office Visits, In-Home Visits.

  • Accept Insurance or Cash Only.

    Securely message with your patients.

  • Sell Memberships, Packages, and Concierge Services.

The EMR-agnostic solution that connects every sector.

  • Build your online clinic to fit your own practice & specialty

    You decide what types of online visits you want to offer.

  • Set your own fees

    It’s just the way it should be. Get rid of the middle man.

  • Fees go to YOUR merchant account.

    Not ours.

  • Automate prescription refills, lab tests, imaging studies and coordination of care.

    Coordinate with pharmacies and other medical experts to give the best, most effective care to your patients. They’ll stay with you forever.

  • Customizable Population Health Tools for Your Patient Population.

    Asthma, diabetes, obesity, COPD, CHF. Design it how you need it.

  • Outcomes Measurement Tools to boost your patients’ health.

    Focus on healthcare, not sick care.

I implemented the AZOVA telemedicine platform into my practice and was able to sell $15,000 in new cosmetic procedures and $1,300 in Botox and chemical peels in five days with the online cosmetic consultation tools. This is truly a revolutionary marketing tool and patient engagement tool that benefits patients AND healthcare professionals.

Cheryl Lee Eberting, Board Certified Dermatologist, Alpine, UT

Secure Messaging

The only secure messaging tool to:

  • Transform Your Practice Efficiency


  • Securely Message Patients, Colleagues, and Staff

  • Offer Group Management Tools to Streamline Patient Care For Better Patient Outcomes

Online Patient Self-Scheduling Tools.

Save time, money, hassles and headaches.

Stop Wasting Your Valuable Resources on Scheduling

Patients Schedule themselves for e-Visits, In-Office Visits, In-Office Procedures, and In-Home Visits. No Phone Calls Necessary.

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