Our Story

“The most comprehensive digital health platform available in the world today, AZOVA is the brainchild of Cheryl Lee Eberting, MD.

A board-certified dermatologist, former NIH fellow, and an accomplished entrepreneur with a thriving private practice, Dr. Eberting pioneered many dermatologic treatment protocols and invented the widely distributed TrueLipids product line-a truly hypoallergenic and nontoxic skin-barrier technology allowing patients to manage sensitive-skin conditions, such as eczema, without the need for prescription steroids or antibiotics.

Cheryl Lee Eberting, M.D.

CEO & Founder, AZOVA, Inc.

Following the success of her TrueLipids product line, Dr. Eberting was inundated with emails and photos from countless people all over the country seeking help for their eczema and other skin problems.

“Many people emailed photos of themselves and their children to Dr.Eberting’s team seeking help with their eczema. This was a problem due to HIPAA and regulations regarding the practice of medicine across state lines.
Dr. Eberting saw this an incredible opportunity and built AZOVA
AZOVA is the Collaborative Clinical Care Platform™”

Unable to fulfill all of these requests due to regulations surrounding the practice of medicine across state lines, the idea for AZOVA was born-the Healthcare Commerce Cloud.

A platform that would allow any physician, therapist, dentist, wellness professional, pharmacist, imaging center, laboratory, skilled nursing facility, and even veterinarians, to customize and deploy their own online digital health collaborative care clinics and healthcare commerce businesses across the country.

To transform her vision into a reality, Dr. Eberting sought out some of the top medical informatics,
technology, finance and e-commerce professionals to collaborate on the development of AZOVA.

Including :

ALEXANDER HUME, CPA, MBA, Chief Financial Officer

A seasoned finance executive with experience in working with companies small and large while at Ernst & Young, Epic Ventures and Zions Bancorporation.


COLETTE WESTON, Vice President of Operations

An experienced leader with over two decades of experience in Health IT companies. Colette has built processes and operational teams in high growth companies achieving scalability, including ADP AdvancedMD. Assisted over 20,000 healthcare entities including payers, hospitals and single practitioner clinics achieve desired outcomes. Recognized as a strong leader of cross-functional teams, passionate about customer service and the customer’s point-of-view.

Together, this all-star team developed and launched AZOVA the most cost-effective, Collaborative Clinical Care Platform in the world. AZOVA enables every medical facility, from major academic centers to independent private practitioners, to customize and deploy a fully integrated connected care solution which integrates telemedicine, secure messaging, online-scheduling, population health modules and e-commerce. The result is more efficient delivery of care, major cost savings, streamlined communication, price transparency, unprecedented patient access to care, and numerous new revenue streams that create thriving healthcare businesses and online healthcare ecosystems all over the country.

AZOVA’s ease of implementation takes minutes-to-hours to deploy and requires no software-development kits or expensive customization. AZOVA is a single-solution platform that saves clinics time and money and which allows healthcare providers to focus on providing top-notch patient care.

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