Productize and Merchandise Your Services

vaccine services
Point of care testing
and telemedicine
Appointment based MTM and med adherence services
Disease specific clinics
Targeted medication adherence programs
Patients register online or on your in pharmacy kiosk

Telepharmacy Features

Secure messaging and video calling with patients, physicians and pharmacists.
Patient record sharing with healthcare professionals and patients.
Appointment-based scheduling and digital forms management.
Automated appointment confirmations and reminders.
Transition of Care services for chronic disease management.
Comply with the Pharmacy eCare Plan.

Appointment-Based Vaccination Services

  • Appointment-Based Vaccination Services. Patients register online or on-site via your digital kiosk.
  • Electronic intake and patient consent forms minimize administrative work
  • Digitally share patient vaccination records with local providers to coordinate care
  • Easily identify your patients’ eligibility for immunizations to minimize patient costs
  • Submit vaccination activities to state registries with one-click

Expand Your Vaccination Business

Travel Vaccines

Preparing for College

Seniors (65+)


Vaccine inventory forecasting saves you money

Patients Schedule Online

Fill Out All Vaccination Paperwork Online

Patients Register And Pay Online Prior To Each Appointment

Efficient, patient-guided, on-site kiosk tool for in-pharmacy registration

Enhance vaccination awareness through digital communication tools

Create additional revenue streams with our on-location vaccine clinic technology

Contract with local businesses to provide on-location vaccine clinics

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